UP2DATE CLIENT for Windows
Remotely install software on PCs with Eclipse hawkBit™.
Any MSI and Chocolatey packages.
Protected by Digital Certificates.

Leverage Eclipse hawkBit™ - a domain-independent back-end framework. Use a PC running MS Windows as an easiest way to see how a safe and reliable remote software update process works in IoT world. 
Zero-maintenance provisioning. 
Two-way TLS connectivity and digital signature protected installation.
100% free
Free to use however you want under the Apache License. Clone it, fork it, customize it… Implement your own PC fleet management!
Opensource Eclipse hawkBit™ guarantees full-functional solution focused on software updates in the IoT space. Commercial grade cloud solutions like RITMS UP2DATE, Bosch IoT Rollouts, etc. just add scalability, multitenancy, hardware cryptography (HSM) onboarding, …
Choose between SaaS or self-hosted Eclipse hawkBit™ instance.
  1. Contact RITMS UP2DATE to get cloud service access and PC keys as well as ZIP file of RITMS UP2DATE for Windows
  2. Download the file and unzip it.

3. Run setup.exe on each PC to be controlled from UP2DATE Cloud (admin privileges required)

4. Input unique one-time registration key requested after installation.
5. Log in https://your.tenant.ritms.online, upload a deployment, assign it to a distribution and drag-n-drop to dedicated PC(s)
6. Check a notification about installed deployment

RITMS UP2DATE is a cloud ready solution for unified software and firmware management. Use this for implementing lifecycle management for the full stack of drivers and firmware of connected devices.

  • RITMS UP2DATE is based on open and worldwide adopted building blocks, the most important is Eclipse Hawkbit which provides open and flexible Direct Device Integration (DDI) API and Management API.
  • RITMS UP2DATE extends Eclipse Hawkbit API with zero-cost maintenance device provisioning based on X509 certificates. The Public Key Infrastructure deployed to cloud governs digital certificates to secure end-to-end communications. Devices are automatically provisioned to connect the update service in a secure way.
This UP2DATE CLIENT for Windows is a reference implementation of general purpose client service.

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